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Broadtrade Service Group can save you time and money by being the one reliable source for all your plumbing, HVAC, and electrical service needs. Our goal is to service, maintain, and help ensure the reliability of those systems in your facilities with exceptional customer service, and your 100% satisfaction.

We provide professional, reliable service for commercial properties in New York City. From repair, replacement, and maintenance, we can assist with any issues that your property may be experiencing.

Being serviced by professionals can make a difference. The technicians at Broadtrade Service Group are continuously learning the latest technologies and techniques to stay up-to-date with the market. Combining their expertise and knowledge, they provide a high level of professionalism and service to their clients. Below is a list of some of our services. Contact us to find out more.


  • General Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance Planning

  • Contractor Management

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Project Management


  • Cooling Tower - Installations, Maintenance, and Repairs

  • Heat Exchanger - Installations and Replacements

  • Boiler - Maintenance

  • Air Conditioning - Installations and Maintenance


  • Electric Panel - Installations, Repairs, and Upgrades

  • Low Voltage Wiring

  • Surge Protection


  • Backflow Testing

  • Fire Sprinkler - Inspections, Installations, Maintenance, Repairs, and Testing

  • Boiler - Installations and Inspections

  • Pump - Installations and Replacement

  • Water Heater - Installations and Maintenance

Contact us today for an estimate.

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